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Owner, Maker, Designer
Following my Female, Irish ancestors, I cater to the Ill and Suffering by offering Natural Alternatives that I Handcraft, from Scratch, here by the sea. Although providing relief of Pain is my Passion, I also create Artisan Aromatics that satiate the Undeniably Unique.

Traditions for Wellness.

From a young age my Irish grandmother, Mary Ellen Breslin, shared with me the stories and herbal practices of her mother, Mary Harvey, in hopes of continuing an oral tradition and to encourage the practice of healing with plants. My great-grandmother was the midwife of a small village in Donegal, Ireland and it was my grandmother who followed along with her on her house calls to aid the ill and suffering. My grandmother was sometimes the one in charge of holding the tray of medicine bottles and utensils while her mother worked, but was often the one sent to fetch the priest, running for miles, to enable the ill to be blessed before they passed. Haunting tales of Irish ghosts, apparitions, and premonitions were commonly threaded throughout the stories of healing and continue to help steer my Nannie-Mac still today at 88 years old.

Over time, simple recipes and haunting moments guided my intrigue and I found myself researching, practicing herbal remedies, and traveling to the Appalachian mountains for training courses in herbalism. I moved to the ocean and attended University to study Creative Writing, Cultural Anthropology, and Primatology, which enabled me to further study and write about the uses of medicinal plants among indigenous cultures as well as primates.

Throughout University and living by the ocean, I found that essential oils were the most efficient way to have access to a variety of flora. I found a locally-owned, retail store to work and after six years of apprenticing and learning the traditional art and alchemy of blending essential oils for natural aromas, I decided to leave the shop to begin the chapter that linked my ancestral past with my present.

To professionally focus on the therapeutic properties of the concentrated oils that I had been crafting with, I spent a summer training in the Appalachian mountains, once again, on the techniques of Medical Aromatherapy. Once completed, I began my business: Third Generation Herbal, LLC.

Third Generation Herbal, LLC is the bloom that came from years of threading obscure passions and disciplines together, while also honoring my ancestors who shared the same, deeply-seeded purpose that resides in and guides me.

Please, tell me about the ailments that you have in your life: the regulars, the random, the ones ignored, the "insignificant" yet annoying, the ones put on the back burner, denied, disregarded, silently wept about, or secretly healed behind closed doors...or, simply indulge me...tell me about the aromas that you desire to bring into your life, along with the natural products that you seek. I blend, from scratch, 100% natural products that protect, prevent, sometimes heal, often seduce, transform, invigorate, repel, moisturize, transform, potentially spiritually enhance, and almost always enlighten and nourish those who utilize these blends on a regular basis.

Inspired by the herbal traditions of the past and the nature that surrounds me, I craft with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils and other natural resources to produce quality products that are naturally medicinal, aromatically intoxicating, and divinely unique. For men, women, animals, and sometimes children. Let me know how I can cater to you and yours.

With Love,
Third Generation Herbal, LLC