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Custom Blending Session

Let the Properties of Third Generation Herbal's Essential Oil Blends Naturally Provide an Intriguing Aromatic Alternative into your Life.
These Artisan Blends are Handcrafted, Drop-by-Drop, using 100% Natural, Therapeutic-Grade, Essential Oils & Other Botanicals from Around the World.


Custom Blending Session:

The Process:
1. Purchase this Listing.

2. *Submit Information Detailing Intention for the Blending Session. 

3. TGH Reviews Submitted Literature & Selects Oils Based on Your Words.

4. **A Date & Time are Chosen for In-House Blending Sessions, While Online Orders will Develop after All Information that is Needed is Finalized.

5. In-House Blending Session: Together, We Will Exclusively Configure a Recipe Using the Choice Oils from Your Submission. Each Session Varies, but Please Allow Yourself 3 Hours. You will Leave with a Trial Sized Vial or Vials for you “To Live With”.

6. Once You have Found which Oil Blend Resonates & Are Ready to Order, then Please Order Here:

*Literature for A Custom Order:
Discuss what you are looking for in regards to your blends; I ask that you Provide me with as much Information as you can about your Vision. The More Specific You are, The More Clarity I have on Oil Choice. Whatever Intention You have in Your Words will Dictate What We Vial. Please Give Yourself Time to Find Clarity on What that Intention is.

**Online Orders: Long-Distance Orders Can Take Time & May Require Photos, a Phone Call, or Other Requests. Developing an Aroma for Someone is Deeply Intimate and when I am lacking the Nose of the Wearer, this Process Begs for More Time than the In-House Blends. I Thank you in Advance for your Patience and Willingness to Trust my Process.

Please Enjoy each Exclusive Recipe by knowing that it was Diligently Crafted with Love, Care, & a Mind for Tradition.