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Custom Blending Session

Let the Properties of Our Oil Blends Naturally Provide an Intriguing Aromatic Alternative into your Life.

We Pride Ourselves on Being able to Provide Access to a Diverse Collection of Olfactory Options where Artisan Aromas can be Intimately Configured, Drop-by-Drop.

Custom Blending Session


Custom Blending Session

from 100.00

The Initial Cost of the Blending Session is for the Process & Craft of Your Signature Aroma.

You will Leave with a Series of Sample Vials for you to “Live With” until a Decision has been made on which Recipe Resonates.

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Each Additional Guest that will be Present at the Blending Session: +$75.00
Maximum 5 Persons. This will be a Collaboration Project for a Single Blend.

If We are Developing a Line, Please Be Sure to Include the “+1 Additional Blend” in Your Cart for Each Additional Recipe that We are Creating.

Pricing is Established after the Recipe has been Finalized & is Dependent on the Oils that are Utilized. TGH is Happy to Select Oils that Meet Your Pricing Requests. These Requests are Established through the Custom Blending Submission Form.

Custom Blending Session:

The Process:
1. Purchase of Listing.

2. *Submit Information Detailing Intention for the Blending Session. 

3. TGH Reviews Submitted Literature & Selects Oils Based on Your Words.

4. **A Date & Time are Chosen for In-House Blending Sessions, While Online Orders will Develop after All Information that is Needed is Finalized.

5. In-House Blending Session: Together, We Will Exclusively Configure a Recipe Using the Choice Oils from Your Submission. Each Session Varies, but Please Allow Yourself 3 Hours.

6. Select Your Choice Recipe & Submit Custom Blend Reorder Form.

*Literature for A Custom Order:
Discuss what you are looking for in regards to your blends; I ask that you Provide me with as much Information as you can about your Vision. The More Specific You are, The More Clarity I have on Oil Choice. Whatever Intention You have in Your Words will Dictate What We Vial. Please Give Yourself Time to Find Clarity on What that Intention is.

**Online Orders:

Long-Distance Orders Can Take Time & May Require Photos, a Phone Call, or Other Requests. Developing an Aroma for Someone is Deeply Intimate and when I am lacking the Nose of the Wearer, this Process Begs for More Time than the In-House Blends. I Thank you in Advance for your Patience and Willingness to Trust my Process.

Please Enjoy each Exclusive Recipe by knowing that it was Diligently Crafted with Love, Care, & a Mind for Tradition.