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"The history of fragrance dates back to the discovery of fire. Our ancestors kept a fire lit all day and throughout the night. Occasionally an aroma would be created when a piece of scented wood was thrown into the flame. Because of the scent and the pleasing sight of the smoke and the flame, it is no wonder that people felt the mystery and power of these aromas and sent up their wishes and prayers with them. Even now, scented wood is burned in places of prayer around the world. Moreover, fragrance is a presence where people seek to be stimulated as well as where a sense of calm is appreciated. Today, fragrance is an element of modern spiritual culture for a well-rounded life. In ancient India, aromas were used in a system of medicine called Ayurveda. Four thousand years later, those aromas were interpreted as fragrance oils as they migrated to the West and transformed into incense on the way to the East. West met East in Japan. They fused, resulting in new creations that continue to evolve. The world has found a common language in fragrance. This language is the base of the fragrance culture of Japan: where “Prayer” and “Healing” co-exist. It is here that we can listen to melodies of fragrance, which are played by a trio of traditional culture, refined sensibility, and state-of-the-art modern technology."

-Nippon Kodo


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Floral incense"Hana-no-Hana"

Floral incense"Hana-no-Hana" was created in 1911 by Yujiro Kito, a gifted incense master in the Japan's Meiji Era which is around 100 years ago, who fused Japanese incense-making techniques with the Western perfume culture.

More than 100 years after its birth, Hana-no-Hana continues to be loved by many people even today, as having laid the foundation for modern-day floral incense.

How to Enjoy

The way to enjoy Hana-no-Hana is to relish the nokoriga that hangs faintly in the air after the incense has burned. When having visitors over, a suggestion is to burn the incense in the room beforehand.
By using it in a remote location and letting the fragrance spread, you can enjoy a delicate and gentle fragrance.

*Nokoriga (lingering fragrance) : The fragrance that lingers faintly in a room after burning an incense.

Descriptions of Fragrances
Descriptions of the three fragrances: Rose (yellow), Lily (green), and Violet (violet.)

Gorgeous Rose: a sweet, floral-woody scent (TOP: Spice, MIDDLE: Rose & Vanilla, BASE: Sandalwood & Musk)
Based on exquisite roses, Rose is a scent with an accent of spiciness along with tender sweetness of vanilla. Rose is a brilliant, sweet, floral-woody scent that is made of high-quality Indian Sandalwood added with mellow musk-style aroma. 

Fresh Lily: A green-floral-woody scent (TOP: Leafy Green, MIDDLE: White Lily, BASE: Sandalwood & Musk)
With a focus on fresh White Lilies, Lily is a scent that is “green floral” - bittersweet like leafy green. Lily is a dignified, green-floral-woody scent that is made of high-quality Indian Sandalwood added with mellow musk-style aroma. 

Lovely Violet: A powdery, floral-woody scent (TOP: Violet, MIDDLE: Floral, BASE: Sandalwood & Musk)
Gathered up like a delicate bouquet of lovely violet, Violet is a scent that feels moist and powdery. Violet is a calm, powdery floral-woody scent that is made of quality Indian Sandalwood added with mellow musk-style aroma.

Key Note:Rose, Lily, & VioletBurn Time:Approx. 10 min.

History of “Hana-no-Hana”
In 1911 a master of incense-making, Yujiro Kito, originated Japan’s first perfumed incense, “Hana-no-Hana” -- a fusion of Western perfumery and Eastern incense-making. For more than a hundred years after its birth, Nippon Kodo has continued to make this beloved floral incense. Many people continue to adore the deep and brilliant floral fragrance of Hana-no-Hana to this day. 
Now Hana-no-Hana has gone through a transformation while preserving the original fusion of fragrance of the Western and the Eastern cultures. We hope that you enjoy the renewed Hana-no-Hana.

Emergence of the modern day floral incense.
The packages are newly designed using the Art Nouveau style that focuses on outlines of flowers with essence of Japanese art. The refreshed design which gives historical and authentic impression. We hope that you enjoy the renewed Hana-no-Hana.
Comes in three fragrances: Rose (yellow), Lily (green), and Violet (violet.) 30 short sticks with ceramic incense stand. (10 sticks of each fragrance)

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