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Third Generation Herbal, LLC began with the Love, Encouragement, & Support of our Community.  We wouldn't be Living the Life we are Living Without the Continued Support & Efforts of our Amazing Customers. You Have Prioritized Buying Local & are Committed to Incorporating Natural Products into your Lives. We Cannot Thank you Enough for Bringing Third Generation Herbal into your Lives, Trusting Us with Our Knowledge within this Unique Niche, & Sharing Our Work with Those Whom you Love.

We Love you & Appreciate you More than Ever.

Be Well. Be Love. So Be It.

~The Third Generation Herbal Team

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Customer Love.


Jenn knows what she is doing. Her oils and blends are no joke. If you need your whiskers washed, use Whisker Wash. If you need some Love Potion, use it... I just got married with it! Cumberland Daughter is not only a wonderful Shovels & Rope song, but a fresh spring time fragrance. Also, if you don't know Jenn... know her. Her kindness and love shine through her ego-less self... always looking to serve you!  Thank you for your nose, love, and friendship.


Jennifer was very knowledgeable and went over every oil I had even though I did not get them from her. She patiently answered all my questions and told me how to use my oils. Jennifer did not try to sell me her brand vs what I had already purchased elsewhere. I did end up buying some oils that I liked and would compliment what I already had . She also had scents made up that I could use as personal fragrance. I enjoyed meeting w/her and will go back to her when I need new oils. Jennifer rocks.


Ms. Jennifer is a dream come true to work with. My skin is in LOVE with her special cream she makes especially for me. It's an anti-aging that has vitamin c and other goodies in it that my sun-damaged, mature skin can't get enough of! It's rich without being heavy. It's perfect following washing my face prior to makeup and at the end of the day right before bedtime. My skin is supple, hydrated and more youthful and happy. I have ordered this before and I will continue to do so. She is so kind and quick with orders and is willing to customize and help with her knowledge of ingredients. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Jennifer! :-) Julie

I'm in love with Love Potion!! The scent is very, very romantic and slightly sweet. This scent makes me happy and I cannot stop smelling myself :)...

This face exfoliant is truly awesome and it's very different from the other facial scrubs that I tried before. It makes my skin nice, clean, and glowing. The smell is very nice too

I'm a person that cannot tolerate synthetic perfumes. I don't like them at all. I like natural scents. I still have an expensive perfume from Tom Ford, but I still not fully happy with it, even it has more natural oils than other brands. Oh gosh, I started looking for new perfumes and accidentally I found this shop. I ordered couple samples and I fall in love with every single one. This time I decided to buy a Cleopatra's Honey oil blend. To be honest, it's one of my favorites. The scent is very unique and interesting. I don't know how I lived before without this scent. Also, Jennifer is very kind and knowledgeable person. She helped me to choose some scent based on my age and taste. Plus, I got free goodies. I love this shop!!

I truly love this Infused Cream. I use it on my face like a cold cream to remove my "makeup" at the end of the day, and also as a moisturizer after cleansing. It adds just the perfect amount of moisture, and it smells absolutely divine.(In-Balance: Floral Infused Cream)

I love the aroma and how light a penetrating it feels on my skin. Nice to know I'm supporting generations of knowledge with Jennifer. (Natural Recovery Facial Serum)

What a difference a few sprays make! Got one for all my sisters and sisters in law plus one for hunting camp and I have a feeling I'll be ordering more. Fresh and not overpowering and no perfumed poo smell. Truly absorbs odors (Poot, Scoot, & Boogie: When the Smell Ain't So Swell)

Super Fast Shipment, amazing knowledgeable seller! My go to for skin care, perfumes and lotions!

Because the Age Spotlessly cream is no longer available, I reached out to Jennifer. She contacted me immediately and told me she could make me a special batch! I ordered asap and got it asap! This cream is a godsend! My middle aged, sun damaged skin loves this cream like no other! This cream makes my skin feel luxuriously soft, and glowy. I don't need to use that much either. Thank you Jennifer for your kindness and generosity! I highly recommend her products and this cream! :-)


This was beautifully packaged and smells amazing!! Thank you, thank you!!!

LOVE THIS SCENT!! Sweet & spicy - absolutely addicted to Cleopatra's Honey! Perfect for every woman!

LOVE Lip Venom! Plumps my lips nicely, causes a natural pinking, and smells/tastes wonderful! I'll have to order another, my teen daughter keeps swiping mine!

Cleopatra's Honey is my absolute favorite! It is a sweet & spicy blend, perfect for all women! Arabian Souk is another favorite - triggers so many memories of my childhood! Bedouin & Captain Sir are two that I will be ordering in the larger 1/3 oz. Try them all - see what fits you best!

Enjoy using the Female Support I received and have already ordered the Sinus Support. Looking forward to using more of these amazing oils.

I truly love this product. It is perfect for daily use while adding a the perfect touch of moisture and smoothness to my skin. Thank you! (Natural Recovery Facial Serum)

Seller contacted me and switched out a better product for my skin. I found this seller very attentive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Items arrived well packed, quickly and with some samples that helped me make up my mind to come back and buy more!

Simply amazing! The highest of quality - soooo professional, fabulous item and completely informative! Buy with confidence here. PERFECT seller. Can't recommend highly enough! Perfection! A+++

Great item! Shipped quickly during dead of winter. Will make future purchases! Thank you!

Shipping was fast and I love the smell of the oil. I am going to use it during labor and I hope it calms and moves the process along nicely :) (Female Support)! Makes my skin feel silky smooth but not oily. Part of my daily routine, thanks Jennifer!!!! (Nourish & Restore: Toner)

Lovely! I ordered 3 different samples, hoping to find a favorite... and now I'm having a hard time choosing the one I like best! They all smell divine! Packaging was adorable, and excellent customer service. Thank you!

Jennifer was so good about keeping in touch about the status of my order and it arrived safely and well-wrapped. The Divine Temple has transformed my home, the Parisian Enticement is my new favorite fragrance and the Hong-Sau is so light and fresh. Very pleased!

Miss Jennifer is one of the best people I have ever worked with, hands down! Not only are her products of outstanding quality but also the experience! This is my second purchase with her, and I could not have been more pleased despite the small issue! She went above and beyond, and made sure everything was in place. My whole experience was just perfect! Thank you so much for everything! I will be back! :)!

So, where do I begin?! I'll start with the essential oils I purchased! The oils are of outstanding quality, and shipped very quickly! I will definitely be buying more in the future! As for Miss Jennifer, she was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond to help me with any question I had! There was even a small mishap with my order, and she fixed it right away! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would be happy to work with her again! I was truly pleased with my shopping experience! Thank you so much for everything! <3

Jennifer, I want to thank you for the time you put in to create a wonderful cooling spray for me. I love the smell and I believe that it is helping me. I got it so quick too. Thanks, you are very caring and that's a good thing. Talk to you again soon. Mary

Oh my!! Love love this! I take it in the shower with me and it is awesome! My body soaks it all in and it feels great! What an excellent combination! Your talent to create such lovelies is special!!

The shipping was so fast, I had to wait a day to be allowed to review. My apt smells amazing! Plus I'm noticing emotional purging in the form of dreams. It appears that essential oils is the modality that is going to help me immensely! Thanks so much!!!

The Parisian Enticement is phenomenal and I will buy this oil blend forever! Thank you so much for quick shipping and great customer service! It is always a pleasure!:)

I love EVERYTHING! The oils, the packaging is divine! Thanks, I will be re-ordering. :)

WOW!!!! That was fast shipping!!! I can't wait to start using this oil! I work in a healthcare environment and my co-workers are so excited. Thank you for the sample of sinus savior, how did you know that would be the Perfect sample for me?! I look forward to ordering more products from you! Thank you

I bought this Mud after loving the sample Jennifer gave me. It tightened and cleaned out pores, smells so fresh and leaves your skin feeling so clean and renewed. Helps calm and diminish blemishes very well. Not only did i get the mud mask but Jennifer was kind enough to include a few other skin care samples which i love. All her products feel so luxurious and you can tell the quality it top notch. Everything i try from her i love. Her cleansers, serums, moisturizers and toners will sooth your skin and make you glow. She is also so wonderful to work with. I will keep using her product and i suggest you do to. You won’t be disappointed :))

The rose absolute is absolutely stunning! It is a beautiful addition to my collection of oils from Miss Jennifer! Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate it!

The oils that I purchased...unbelievable! The oils are of exceptional quality. Each oil smells rich and nothing short of divine! I can't wait to use them! The packaging was great, filled with plenty of bubble wrap and peanuts! I appreciate how much care Miss Jennifer puts into her products as well as her customers! By far, one of the best sellers on Etsy and the one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Thank you so much for such phenomenal oils! I will be back, of course! <3

Jennifer goes above and beyond in regards to every aspect in dealing with her customers. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and is able to suggest the right products based on individual needs and also specializes in customizing formulas for essential oils, perfume oils and cosmetics. She has spent hours and hours corresponding with me not only helping me with products but also with everyday life stresses, illness etc.. She is very well rounded and a truly talented individual. I cant thank her enough for the time she invested in me and she will do that for every customer! You are in such good hands with Jennifer. Her oils are excellent quality and smell divine infused in my nebulizer. She also provided me with a few samples of her skin care, which is remarkable and top of the line quality. I highly recommend this store! :))

Very creamy and smooth, this cream glides on the skin wonderfully. The patchouli fragrance is perfect - present but not overwhelming. Lovely. This is a holiday gift and I know it will be much appreciated! (Patchouli Silk Cream)

I ordered a trial size of this a few months ago and needed a larger size because I wear it everyday. I LOVE this oil and the roll-on makes it very easy to generously apply. The packaging and timely shipping was perfect; plenty of package stuffing. Thanks!

I purchased a full size after trying a sample of this cream. The smell is light and I'm so impressed with how fast it shipped to me!!! I've also tried their oils and they smell fabulous as well!! As a little treat I received a sample size of the lip balm and will be ordering one (or two!) next time!!! (In-Balance: Floral Infused Silk Cream)

I love using this Toner to freshen up at the end of the day. I do not wear makeup, so it is perfect for refreshing my skin and getting rid of that mid-day grime. It leaves a beautiful aroma on my skin, which helps to make me feel renewed. (Nourish & Restore: Facial Toner)

Absolutely love this cleanser!!!! Leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out. Highly recommend!!!!! And it smells wonderful! (Rose & Geranium Foaming Facial Cleanser)

I really love this cream. I use it on both my face and body. It gives the perfect amount of moisture without that gross greasy feel. The aroma is perfect, as I am a life long Patchouli lover. It is not overpowering or offensive. Just simply perfect. (Patchouli Silk Cream)

I love every product I've purchased from Third Generation. The quality, craftsmanship and care that went into the creation of each elixir is quite apparent. I strongly recommend considering 3rd Generation products!! Xoxo

I love this Unique Oil blend. On my skin; it begins with a heavier Citrus aroma. As it blends with my body chemistry, it transforms into a beautiful herbal and musk bouquet. It is truly amazing.

This is not my first purchase of this Toner. It is a great addition to your facial cleaning routine. It really helps to pick up any left over dirt and oils on your skin, but is gentle. The aroma is awesome too.

This stuff is heavenly. I've got quite an arsenal of lip balm in my handbag and I can say that I reach for this above any of the others. The scent is amazing and has a cleansing and relaxing quality. Love it and plan to order a whole lot more!!

This shop puts so much love into making highly concentrated, lovely REAL botanicals. I can't recommend this shop enough.

One of three wonderful scents I chose for diffusing with heat. A little goes a VERY long way!

Very sweet and exotic! This is a truly exciting new kind of scent that I haven’t really experienced before.

The Arabian Souk Body and room spray is to die for!

These Aroma blends are top quality. Unique and beautiful fragrance oils that last all day long. I have purchased several of the different aromas available. I truly love each and every one of them. I highly recommend them.

This Herbal Crème is wonderful. It adds the perfect amount of moisture without that nasty greasy feel. A little goes a long way; making it very economical as well.

Super fast shipping, gorgeous packaging, and the best part.. awesome customer service.. shop owner put up with all my annoying questions and sent me a free sample along with the others. Will definitely be a regular here.. thanks again!

The oils are perfect, as always! I will be ordering more, soon! Thank you so much again for everything! <3

My skin has had a bit of acne damage and early signs of aging have begun. This serum adds a touch of new life to your skin's appearance; it has only been 2 days. I look very forward to seeing future results.

Have been using daily for my migraines and chronic neck pain. Works wonderfully. Highly recommend! (Tension Tamer)

Helps ease my pain and has a soothing cooling effect. Smells very good, and a product I have been using daily. Highly recommend for anybody else with fibromyalgia. (Decompression)

Jennifer, the owner, made my last purchase so incredibly special...I'd written to place an order as I wanted samples to give as a gift. I've a friend visiting from far away and wanted a goodie bag for her arrival. To my surprise she had sent a whole little packet for just my friend!!! And in her favorite scent...lavender!!!!! I'm highly recommending this quaint lil shoppe and am a loyal fan!!!!!! :D

I love the essential oils I purchased from Jenn at 3rdGenerationHerbal. She is wonderful to work with and willing to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend all of her products! She even included free little samples in my order which was very thoughtful! Her packaging was very beautifully wrapped and well bubbled to prevent damage. I have fibromyalgia, autoimmune inflammatory arthritis, and daily chronic headaches and will be ordering her decompression, tension tamer, and natural sprays! I look forward to trying these products as well!

This is THE greatest scent that I have encountered in a long time (Parisian Enticement). Floral and musky, seductive and playful, this oil lasts and lasts and lasts with just a dab. I've also never encountered a scent that blends so perfectly with my own natural scent, without overwhelming the senses altogether. The quintessential Jitterbug Perfume. Another masterpiece of scent from Third Generation.

I purchased the "Goodnight Moon" spray for my almost 2 year old. She has difficulties sleeping through the night; which means I do as well. We have made this spray a part of our bedtime routine and follow the instructions given to us by Jennifer. The fragrance is very warm and relaxing. It actually calms and sooths my LO to prepare her for bedtime. We have been using it for several days now. Even though she has awaken a few times in the wee hours of the night; she calmly returns back to sleep. And, sleeps until the sun begins to shine. :) We give this spray a huge thumbs up.

Excellent communication with my order even tho she was in the middle of a major move. She always sends little extras as a thank you too! Female Support is my ultimate fave!!!

As other reviewers have noted, this product is absolutely wonderful. I purchased it for my partner who is a farmer and has been concerned with how the sun has been affecting his skin. This oil has been very restorative for him and even has lessened some of his wrinkles, particularly around the eyes (not that he cares about wrinkles, but it's something we've both noticed!). The oil absorbs well and a little dab is easily enough for the entire face so the bottle will last. Helpful tip: Rub the oil in well or there will be a bit of sheen. Also, this fragrance is killer! So good! (Deluxe Oil for Men)

OMG!! Hands down best lip venom I've ever try!!! So awesome to have a product that actually works!! thank you!!!

OMG! What a moisturizer! I have mature skin with rosacea and acne. At first it left a slight shine, but Jennifer reassured me to let it soak in. I waited a minute and it did soak in and did NOT make me break out. It was not too oily. It's like it adjusts to what your skin needs. Also, the fragrance I got was Jasmine and Frangipani. It is soo amazing. I feel like I've been to the spa every time I put it on. Jennifer is a master at mixing the right amount of essences to get an out of this world scent. Thank you!!

This is an AMAZING cleanser! I have mature rosacea skin and it cleanses with out making it dry. And the scent is wonderful! It makes you want to wash your face longer to continue smelling it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!